Menakao dark chocolate 72%

Produkt nr: M72
Din pris: NOK 74,00
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  • Selger: Menakao
  • Vekt: 75g

En 72% mørk sjokolade, som bare er slik sødmet, at det bringer frem rød fruktsmak og sitrusaroma.

Bønne: Criollo
Smaksprofil: Sitrusfrukt med lett syrlighet
Mena betyr rød på madagassisk. Rød er også fargen til jorden der som er rik på mineraler, rød er til og med Criollo kakao belgene. Kao står for kakao. 
Denne serien av produkter har virkelig sine røtter liggende i Madagaskar, alle ingrediensene kommer fra øyen. 
Det beste med Menakao er allikevel smaken. Kakaoen deres har en naturlig fruktighet som kommer tydelig fram i alle deres produkter.
Med lokal tilgang på ferske kakaobønner, produserer Menakao utmerket sjokolade. De jobber samtidig med for å gjøre bedre de sosoiale forholdene for lokale kakaobønder, i tillegg til at i praksis er det økologisk dyrket. (ikke sertifisert)
Ved å kjøpe Menakao sjokolade, støtter du bærekraftig kakaodyrking. Kakaogårder dyrker kakao med respekt for mennesker og miljø. 
Ingredienser: kakaobønner, rørsukker, ren kakaosmør, solsikkelecitin. Kakaoinnhold min. 72%.
Kan inneholde spor av nøtter, melk, GMO fri soyalecitin og sesam.
Næringsinnhold per 100g: Energi: 594.07kcal/2487.25 kJ, Fett: 41.27g hvorav mettede fettsyrer: 10.39g, Karbohydrat: 42,96g hvorav sukkerarter 36.5g, Protein: 12.7g, Salt: 0.03g
A dark chocolate sweetened with measure, just enough to release the deep cocoa flavour, and clear notes of red fruits and citrus. An intense, elegant and bright chocolate with a long, rich and subtle acidic finish. A pure expression of the terroir of Madagascar.
Menakao is one of only a few chocolate makers in the world that make chocolate at the source. Madagascar-based Menakao produce some a deliciously fruity range of bars using local beans.
Producing chocolate at source and buying beans directly means that they can work directly with the farmers to produce the best possible crop and give farmers a much higher price for their beans than they would otherwise get. Workers at Menakao’s factory & chocolaterie get generous wages, free transport, pensions and security for themselves and their families.
But the best thing about Menakao is simply the way it tastes. Their Madagascan cocoa has a natural fruitiness which shines through in all their products. Whether it be the exciting Combava (a citrus fruit) and pepper bar or the 100% dark chocolate with no sugar, we love the natural fruity notes that are present in all Menakao’s chocolate.
"The image on the bar depicts a Mahafaly man. The Mahafaly people, whose name means “those who make happy”, were feared warriors inhabiting the great limestone plateau that lines the south west. This arid region is known for its lack of rain and sparse, spiny vegetation. The Mahafaly tend to live in small groups, scattered around the region. Like most of Madagascar’s many ethnic groups, the dead are honoured with a burial ritual that is unique to the island, involving aloalo, or carved wooden posts representing scenes from daily life or animals. These posts are used to decorate the tombs of the dead. The Mahalafy are highly skilled craftsmen, whose work is becoming increasingly well known across the world. They are particularly esteemed for their wooden sculptures, jewelry and tattoos."

  • Finalist in the "Best dark chocolate bar pure origin in the International Chocolate Awards 2012 competition
  • Awarded a star in the Great Taste Awards 2014 gastronomy competition
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