Welcome To The Revolution - an introduction to the bean-to-bar craft chocolate movement w/ guided tasting.

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Bean to bar craft chocolate is not just for Christmas or Valentine's... you can share the love (and increase sales!) at any time.
All we need to know is how to taste it and what makes it fine. At a craft chocolate tasting evening, you will learn the art of sensorial tasting and discover some of the finest chocolate in the world.
Chocolate is not just one taste. Similarly to wine cacao have more than 600 aroma components. Its taste is determined by where the cacao beans have come from, how they're grown, processed and combined. There are so many factors that contribute to making this food staff.
This guided tasting offers the opportunity to experience the wonderful variety of naturally occurring flavours found in single origin chocolate and of course among others we are going to learn how to taste and enjoy good chocolate made of fine flavour kind of cacao beans.
-The bean to bar chocolate revolution. 
-How to taste and enjoy quality chocolate
-Cacao terroir, vintage and typical tasting notes.
-Positive and negative tasting notes, blind tasting game to improve sensory skills
-The dark side of chocolate: marketing gimmicks, ethical issues, certificates
Duration: ca 2 hours
Scope: presentation and a guided tasting of 4-6 bars
Language: ENGLISH!