Cacao tea

Cacao tea. Kun 4 stk!
Are you fond of extra dark chocolate? You will like this one too!
More bodied than regular tea but less heavy than hot chocolate. Cacao tea fits perfectly in those moments when you want to enjoy the complex nuances of 85-100% chocolate but in a light and warm version.
Cacao tea is made with the husks of the cacao beans infused in warm water. In cacao teas you can find the same flavor variation you find in dark chocolate. Some may have a lighter or heavier consistency. Some offer a complex aromatic profile, while others stay rather flat and straightforward. Not a single cacao tea tastes the same.
Nestled in the heart of the cacao rich Duarte province in the Dominican Republic, Öko-Caribe is a gem amongst cacao suppliers. Öko-Caribe works with small holder farmers in the northeast of the island. Their cacao is collected fresh and brought within the first 4 to 6 hours to a centralized fermentation station.
Facts about the cacao: Country: Dominican Republic Region: Duarte Producer: Öko Caribe Biodiversity: Intercropped with banana, plantain, palm, coconut, citrus, timber & avocado Approx. number of farmers: 127 Fermentation: Central box fermentation, 5–6 days Drying protocol: Solar tunnels, 10 days Content: 120g / 4,23oz Husk from roasted cacao beans*. *Organic ingredients 

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